Improper Fractions

One of the new Math ideas we introduced this year was Improper Fractions  (when your numerator is bigger than the denominator) and how you convert that Improper Fraction into a  Mixed Fraction (combinations of whole numbers and fractions).  And as is normal with our Maths work we started off by explaining it using some Maths manipulatives (in this case our snap cubes and Mathlink cubes).

If you have seven thirds you need to get 7 items (the numerator) then the kids need to create groups of 3 (the denominator) and that will tell them how many whole numbers there are and whatever is left over will be the remaining fraction.

Improper Fractions breaking the numerator down into groups of the denominator

You can do the same procedure with any Improper Fraction.  Eight Fifths.  Get eight objects and split them into groups of five – you will get one complete group of five (so 1 whole number) and then have 3 left over which is going to represent the fraction three fifths so you end up with One and Three Fifths.

Improper Fractions. A simple explaination for children using Maths manipulatives

One of the ways we practiced converting the Improper Fraction into Mixed Fractions was with the Twinkl Improper Fraction Loop Cards.  You need to match the correct Mixed Fraction to the correct Improper Fraction.

Improper and Mixed Fraction Loop Cards from Twinkl Resources

And we also had a go at a Bean Bag Improper Fraction game – you throw your bean bag and then you convert the Improper Fraction that the bean bag lands on (or the closest one) into its Mixed Fraction.  To help with this I actually printed out another set of Loop Cards from Twinkl and then glued the correct Mixed Fraction to the back of the Improper Fraction so that my daughter could check for herself if she was correct.

Improper Fraction Bean Bag game. Fun way to practice converting Improper fractions into Mixed Fractions

Both Twinkl resources mentioned in the post are part of their paid for platinum classic account.  As with all my posts written the packages are valid as at the date that I write the post, any changes which happen subsequently are at the company’s discretion.









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