Animal Footprint Cookies

My daughter recently baked some lovely cookies all by herself.  At the time my son was not interested in joining in, which was fine and I actually think my daughter enjoyed doing it by herself.  But after her cookies where a big success he started asking if he could bake his own cookies (and wonder why I can never lose weight).

I suggested a simple sugar cookie recipe and said he could choose animals to make footprints on the cookies.  He loved the idea – only problem was deciding which animals to use for the footprints – we opted for the let’s try as many animals as we can possibly find option.  Some worked well and some did not work that well, but it was all part of the fun.

Baking - making our animal fooprints

The kids did batch after batch after batch.  We would roll out our mixture, make the footprints and then redo the left over bits and made more and more biscuits.

Baking footprint biscuits ready to go into the oven

I have to admit I liked the look of the octopus biscuits.

Baking - footprint biscuits - using an octopus

baking - animal biscuits

My daughter quite liked the seahorse one – although after it was baked it looked more like an animal fossil than a seahorse.

Baking - animal footprint biscuits seahorse


And big surprise but my little man loved the Dinosaur footprints and Big cat footprints (we are currently reading about all the different wild cats).

Baking - T-Rex footprint biscuits

baking- animal footprints using a toy lion

Afterwards the kids added some extra flour to the kitchen table and had a blast playing with the toy animals in the flour.  According to my son when you add flour to the tiger it makes it a Siberian Tiger.

Baking playing with the flour afterwards

Baking and playing with the flour afterwards

It was a very simple and easy baking session but it was just so much fun.  The kids really loved using their toy animals to make footprints in the biscuits.  And just to prove how much fun the kids had making these biscuits – one week on and we have already made another batch of the footprint biscuits.

Sometimes simple is better !!

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  1. Camie says:

    What a clever and fun idea! You always impress me! 🙂


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