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Multiplication and Division Flower Learning Aids

Last year when my daughter was first learning her 3 times table we made this very simple 3 times table flower.  She loved the idea and she has since made a number of them.

So it was not a big surprise when last week after a fun car drive trying to count in 11’s she made an 11 times table flower.

While she was colouring in her flower I suddenly realised that it would be prefect for division as well as times table but with just a little tweak.  So we experimented first with a 2 times table flower and divided by 2 flower (we never made a 2 times table flower with our first round of flowers so she thought it would be fun to do one to add to her collection) and then a 5 times and divided by 5 flower.

We used the Multiple flowers from Twinkl as our base (it is Twinkl platinum).  With ours we used card but you could also print on paper.  We cut out the Twinkl flowers and then used them as a basic template to trace around and cut out an extra flower.

After you have coloured the extra flower in you need to write the numbers 1 to 12 on each petal (or you could use stickers, my daughter did one of hers with stickers but has since gone back to writing out the numbers).

Here is a photo showing how we put the 5 times table and divided by 5 flowers together.

For the times table flower  –

Cut the petals on the flower that you made so that the kids will be able to lift each petal up as a flap.  We cut down the side of the petals until we reached the middle circle of the flower.

Then you stick the extra flower that you made on top of the Twinkl flower but you only glue the center bit, remember to leave the petals free from glue.

With our times table flowers we actually added a large times sign on the top to indicate it was a times table flower.

For the division flower (you do the opposite) –

The extra flower that you make will be the flower underneath the Twinkl flower.  You will need to cut down the sides of the petals of the Twinkl flower (you always cut down the sides of the petals of the flower which is going to go on top).

You will stick the center of the Twinkl flower on top of the flower that you made – remember no glue on the petals as these are going to act as your flaps.

And if you want you can write a division sign on the top of your Twinkl flower.

The idea with the flowers is that on the division flower the kids will say  4 divided by 2 = (lift the flap) and they can see the answer is 2.  Or on the multiplication flower 2 times 2 = (again lift the flap) and they can see the answer is 4.

My daughter enjoys using these flowers.  I just need to think of a version of this for when my son gets to this stage………….

We have found that using white copier card works very well for activities like this – it is not as thick as normal card but a lot sturdier than normal paper – we normally buy this A4 card for our crafty activities / home-made learning aids – Lightweight White Card for Children to Use in All Types of Crafts 160 gsm (Pack of 100)