Upper case and Lower case penguin folder

I noticed that my youngest was confusing a few of his Upper case letters (Capital letters) and he loves the idea of having his own lapbooks so I could not resist making him one.

I used these lovely FREE penguins from Twinkl.  I printed two copies – one with the upper case letters and one with the lower case letters (in both cases I printed 8 penguins on a page and that way they fitted nicely onto our folder.  For the folder I used the card document wallets that you can buy on amazon or eBay and I cut the sides so that it can open up.

I then started cutting out each penguin (yes this bit does take a bit of time)

penguins with letters on

I glued the Upper case penguins on the inside of the folder.

penguin folder upper case letters

Next you need to cut around most of the penguins tummy and just glued the outer edges of the penguin with the lower case letters onto the matching penguin with the upper case letters (remember not to apply any glue onto the tummy area)

penguin folder with aAs you can see with the “a” penguin the tummy is not glued.  And the end result.

penguin folder with lower case letters on

And the most important part – my little man thought it was great and he sat with his big sister and went through all of his letters.

penguin folder

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4 Responses to Upper case and Lower case penguin folder

  1. David Emmerson says:

    Hi ofamily. I was wondering if you can tell me how you search Twinkl for FREE resources. I’m trauling through things at the moment and all I’m getting is “subscribe to Platinum for this resource”. :-(. I already use a curriculum for my boys so I don’t want to pay extra for extra resources. If you know how to do it I’d so appreciate the help. Vicky Emmerson

    David Emmerson, Youth Pastor. Calvary Chapel Paarl Valley. South Africa.

    Sent from my iPad



    • ofamily2014 says:

      Hi. There is actually no way of getting a list of free pages when you search on the website. I find mine just by trial and error. I do share lots of Twinkl pages on my facebook page and I do try and say if it is free or not. I have done 2 other posts of free pages from Twinkl – that might help you. Also there is a Twinkl Soth African teaching resource facebook page which they have set up with some links for free paages on it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/twinklSouthAfrica/


    • ofamily2014 says:

      should have also mentioned what I use alot on Twinkl in the book marking tool. When I find something that I like I bookmark it for later. You can actually set up different folders so I have folders for different subjects and themes eg Maths and farm are two of my folders.


  2. how absolutely adorable, little flaps on the penguins bellies, very creative! Thanks for sharing at our FB Share Day!


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