Spring sensory tub

My daughter went through a slight Hama bead flower making craze about a months ago.  They are lovely and I have been dying to add them to a sensory tub.

hama beads flowers

hama beads flowers ironed

So last week I finally dyed some rice green and we made a spring sensory tub.

spring sen bin flowers

These flowers are great for hiding in the rice.  My daughter still needs an excuse to dip her hands into textured tubs – having to find a hidden toy usually does the trick and in this case the hidden flowers where perfect.

We also added some plastic eggs and some litte chicks made from yellow pom poms.

spring sen bin chick

My little man is still fasinated about the different animal classifications and which animals come from eggs and which are born from “their mummy’s tummy” (his words).  He enjoyed helping the chicks hatch from their eggs.

spring sen binHe also liked using the rice to make it rain

spring sen bin rain

And now some of the green rice is now being used as Cargo for Thomas the tank engine’s trucks.


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