3D Butterfly crafts

The 3D butterfly cards (photos below) that we made a where such a hit with my daughter that I could not resist the idea of trying something else with these lovely butterflies.

butterfly card

butterfly card blue

She wanted to make some new pencil holders and I thought it would be a great excuse to use the butterflies again.

We started off with sticking some of our decopatch paper onto some old glass jars.  Our little man joined in (he found it much easier to put the glue directly onto the glass jar and then add the paper).  We used Mod podge glue for this.

glass jarsglass jars completed

We cut out the butterflies together (my youngest could not really manage this part so I cut most of his butterflies for him, but the nice thing about these butterflies is even if they are not cut on the line you still get a great effect).  The butterflies that we used can be downloaded from Twinkl (gold) here – Printable patterned butterflies


We then started glueing our butterflies onto our glass jars.

butterfly jar 1

My daughter really enjoyed this and ended up doing both jars (My son ended up making his own butterfly picture on some paper).

butterfly jar 2

butterfly jar 4

butterfly jar 3

And my son making his picture.

butterfly picture

3D butterfly craft ideas.  using the butterflies from the Twinkl website


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1 Response to 3D Butterfly crafts

  1. another mom says:

    I think these are really pretty…any child would love them….even to decorate a bedroom. I can see then clustered into waves on the bedroom walls


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