Some more Afrikaans pages

The lovely people at Twinkl have really been great about making some stunning Afrikaans cards and pages.  I just love the way the pages have turned out, the graphics are fabulous and it really has added some colour to our Afrikaans learning.

So here are some of the pages that we have been using, all of these can be downloaded from the Twinkl website and are part of the FREE Afrikaans resource pack.

As anyone who reads my little blog knows we love the train pages on Twinkl, we have used them a lot and the kids still love them so I could not resist translating the months of the year onto this lovely train.  I really like the fact that the kids can build the train by placing the months in the correct order.  Both my kids enjoy learning when they can use their hands to build or sort something.

Maande 2Maande

My kids are also animal mad so we have been enjoying the lovely African animal word mat.  I printed off the editable self registration safari animal labels  from Twinkl (FREE) to go with the word mat and my daughter has been using them to practice writing out the animal names.

Afrikaans writing 2

Afrikaans writingI laminated the pages so we can use them for English and Afrikaans writing.

We have some simple bird cards that I made a while ago for the kids to use (Birds in Afrikaans and English).  My youngest really seemed to like these and will often proudly translate an english bird into an Afrikaans bird for me.  So I love the fact that he now has an Afrikaans Bird word mat.

Afrikaans bird mat

Our general house rule since the kids have been born is that I speak English to them and my husband speaks Afrikaans.  We try to stick to this and as a result my kids often feel the need to translate what daddy is saying for me.  Their constant translating for “us parents” has really helped them with both languages and I am constantly amased at the ease at which my oldest can switch between the two languages.  My son is still battling a bit and will often include an Afrikaans word in an English sentence and vice versa.  I know that with time, this will come but to help in the mean time we have been using some of the word mats as a way of helping him group his English words and his Afrikaans words.  (I have translated a fruit word mat and an emotions word mat which will also be uploaded onto the Twinkl website soon.)

Oh and I have to mention these – one of my favourites – the colourful crayons.  I just love the way they look hanging up in the kids bedroom.

Afrikaans colours

I hope that you will go and check out these fab looking Afrikaans pages on the Twinkl website.  My kids have really been enjoying them this past week and keep asking me for more (think we might need to get another cork notice board as both of ours are now totally filled up).


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