Prehistoric Park / Prehistoric animals

The kids have been loving the Prehistoric Park series currently on TV.  In the series Nigel travels back in time to rescue some of the prehistoric animals and brings them back to his Prehistoric Park.  We have actually only watched three of the episodes as the kids keep wanting to watch the same ones over and over but I am sure in time we will get to the others.

In the series not only do the kids get a chance to see what these animals probably looked like but they learn about what food that ate, their habitat and other interesting facts about each animal.  So far my kids favourite animal is the Whoolly Mammoth.  As a result of watching the series the kids have started asking lots of new questions about the prehistoric animals so even though we are suppose to be taking a break from our “school type activities” I thought we could still make some posters about the animals in the series.

I started off by getting the kids 3 pieces of card and we labelled them Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore.  I then looked in my History folder for any existing pictures that we could use and ended up using some pictures from the Prehistoric beast poster from Twinkl (gold) – I had printed this off a few months ago when we looked at the stone age.  The kids helped me cut the pictures out and we talked about whether each animal was a herbivore or a Carnivore.  Once we had stuck the pictures down we wrote some key words for each animal.

woolly mammoth

The other images that we used are from the Dinosaur Vocabulary poster (gold on Twinkl) and also some of the Dinosaur colouring in sheets  (FREE on Twinkl).  I was very happy to see the kids actually looked for the Dinosaurs in their See inside the world of Dinosaur book  by Usborne and tried to copy the colours when they did their pictures.

Dino colouring

T rex colouring page

Another great source of finding information about the dinosaurs (or sometimes checking that what you think is correct) is the great Dino Directory on the natural History Musuem website.  I found this a great source of information.

Our posters are still very much work-in-progress as we add to them as we watch and re-watch the episodes.  But this is what the Herbivore one is looking like at the moment.  (I will post pictures when we eventually finish them)

Herbivore posterI am also making some addition stencils to go with some of the Prehistoric animals featured in the show – I hope to post these later on in the week.

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2 Responses to Prehistoric Park / Prehistoric animals

  1. Sarah Large says:

    Are they reshowing that? 🙂 Love Prehistoric Park – When my now 12yo was 4 he was obsessed with it. I made him a waistcoat like Nigel Marven’s for Christmas that year. My husband still occasionally slips into Bob impressions as it was such a big part of family life for many years (had a return for DS2).


    • ofamily2014 says:

      yes they had it on watch TV. My kids are loving it. A few scences did scare my daughter at first but once she watched the whole episode on a lap for a cuddle she know just keeps asking for more. Finding it very informative, I am also learning a lot. Ha ha loved the waistcoat idea.

      Liked by 1 person

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