Little hanging baskets

I saw this idea in an old magazine a while ago as something for the kids to make for Mother’s days and have been meaning to try it but I just never got around to it.  Then recently Pink got some wobbly teeth and I am not keen on the whole put the teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy – mainly because Pink is such a light sleeper and the slightest thing will wake her, so I though we could make a tooth basket to hang on the door.

We started off by making 2 circles – we used one of our coffee mugs to trace around (we also tried with a bowl but the basket ended up too big for what we wanted).  We used very thick paper for this.

making circlesWe cut out the circles and folded them in half (Blue did not really get involved in this craft as he still battles to cut circles but he was very encouraging).


folding circle

You then need to fit the one folded circle inside the other (first make sure you are happy with the way they fit before you add the glue).  Also watch where the kids add the glue, my little man wanted to put glue on the whole circle but you only need it for the area where the two circles join.

hanging paper basket 1Then you need to cut a strip of paper and glue it inside the basket so that you have a handle.

hanging paper basket 2

And you have a lovely little hanging basket perfect for hanging on the door handle for the tooth fairy.

Toothfairy hanging basketAfter making the first one the kids wanted more so we decided to make one for every family member to hang on our Christmas tree (we put 2 small chocolate inside each one).  To add some colour we also used some old wrapping paper.  I glued the circles directly onto the wrapping paper and cut them out as the wrapping paper by itself was not firm enough.

Hanging paper baskets 3

And I have to admit the little baskets look really nice on our Christmas tree

Christmas hanging basket


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4 Responses to Little hanging baskets

  1. I LOVE this! So cute and looks easy to do. Can think of lots of fun things to do with these cuties! Thanks for sharing on our fb page!

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  2. Emma says:

    We made these last year too! Mostly due to the nets of chocolate coins getting *accidentally* ripped open. We did them with tartan wrapping paper and though they were quite flimsy they were strong enough to hold a chocolate coin.
    I love the idea of tooth baskets, J is a really light sleeper too, though he gets so excited he keeps getting the tooth out from under the pillow so the tooth fairy has to hunt around for it. A tooth basket would be good for solving both these issues. 🙂


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