The Scarecrow’s wedding and scarecrow cookies

We bought a new addition to our mini Julia Donaldson library last week – The Scarecrow’s Wedding (affiliate link).  We all love it.  Pink thinks that Harry and Betty (the 2 main characters) are lovely and gentle so I could not resist the temptation to make some scarecrow biscuits with the kids.

We used our favourite cookie dough from Annabel Karmel – I have a lovely cookbook called Easy Peasy Cooking with Kids by Annabel Karmel where we got our recipe from.  But I found it on the internet here  cookie dough (step 1 we increased our quantities so that we had more cookies).  You could honestly use any basic cookie dough all you need is a simple cookie for the kids to decorate.  I was actually thinking this would work really nicely with what us South Africans call Marie biscuits or in the UK a round  tea biscuit.

cookie dough

After we got our mixture out of the fridge, Pink rolled into a long sausage and cut the strips and placed them on the baking tray for me.  (My role is operating the oven).

cookie dough cutting

We let the cookies cool and then the kids got busy making their scarecrows.  We started with white icing as a base for the face which also helped to keep the eyes and nose etc in place.  The kids used smarties for the eyes,

scarecrow cookies

mini marshmallows for the nose, some wafer biscuit for the hat, some chocolate sprinkles for the hair and they used some red icing for the mouth.

scarecrow cookies 2

Both kids enjoyed making and eating the Scarecrow cookies.

The scarecrows wedding

scarecrow wedding 2You might also like this post – The Scarecrow’s Wedding Craft and Writing


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  1. These cookies are adorable!! I love how the kids decorated them!

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