Christmas Tree Cakes

Yes I know if it very early to start doing Christmas activities but over the weekend Pink slammed two of her fingers in the bedroom door and she asked if we could make these and well how could I not agree ?  I tend not to share lots of our baking activities on the blog as my photos are never the greatest and I really want the kids to do the baking and so the end result can often not look 100% (it is always tasty though).

I first saw these in a South African magazine about 3 years ago (not sure the exact mag one of the kiddies ones) but their version was a lot more complicated, it included a star on top of the tree.  We do a simpler version, as I get the kids to go all the shape cutting and decorating.

We start off by baking a simple tray cake (I admit this time I cheated and used a cake mixture from Tesco’s – next time provided there are no sore kiddies fingers we will bake the cake from scratch).


Once the cake had cooled down I got the kids to cut out triangles (we are not fussy about how the triangle look – Blue did find this a bit of a challenge)

christmas tree cake

Then the kids iced their trees and decorated them.  The kids favourite is using smarties for the decoration but we have used all kids of goodies that we had in our kitchen cupboard.

christmas tree cake 2

This is now the 3rd year that Pink and I have made these (first time that Blue joined in) and she still loves making them.  Maybe next year we will try to get more complicated, we will have to wait and see as it is definitely a fun family tradition.

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1 Response to Christmas Tree Cakes

  1. Never too early for Christmas!
    They look lovely, we need to cheat sometimes xx


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