Missing Ballet class

Pink loves her ballet class and she has really been missing not having her classes over the summer holidays.  She goes to a lovely class which is part of Twinkle Toes ballet.    They have been wonderful with her and have accommodated her sensitive hearing allowing her to wear ear muffs when she needed and on one occasion when the music was upsetting her they even gave me a copy of the music so we could play it at home.  I have been so impressed that even though we moved out of the area we happily make a trip back once a week so that she can still have the lovely teachers.

So after having her ask me yet once again ” when is dance class starting ?” and having to say she still has a few weeks of waiting left I thought I would try and do something dance related for her.  Just before the summer holidays they where using cheerleaders Pom Poms in dance class (she loved them) so I thought I would make her some.  I had some rolls of thick tissue paper in the house so I used those hence the multicoloured Pom Poms.


I layered out the paper, folded them into the width that I liked and then cut down the folds (remember not to cut all the way down) used some tape to bind them all together and we have Pom Poms.


Pink has been dancing around the house having a blast.  She even had her own dance class with her stuffed animals and tried to teach her brother how to do an arabesque ( which he could not do properly – I had a good laugh).  But Blue did enjoy join in with shaking the Pom Poms – he likes the noise they make especially when he jumped with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPink has now requested some ballet art so busy making some templates of dancing girls for her.


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