Stick puppets and number sticks

We have recently gone (well still are going) through another stick puppets craze in our house.  It started last week when we went to visit some friends and I took some dinosaur and animal pictures with for the kids to colour in and make into stick puppets.  They all loved it and Pink and her friend even put on a little show where the Dinosaur went to visit the animals in the zoo – lots of loud Roaring included.


We have used stick puppets before but in the past I printed off the pictures that we used this time I have only given them outlines and they had to colour or paint the pictures themselves.  I found this fantastic website ( firstpalette  )where you can download lots of pictures of animals/dinosaurs and people to use for your stick puppets.  It is worth have a look they are great.



Both kids have been so keen to make more and more stick puppets so I thought we would try and use it to do some number work with Blue.  I bought some small wooded numbers and shapes from Tesco a while ago so we got them out and then kids painted them.


Then after having to wait ages for them to dry (Blue not impressed with this part) we finally got to stick the numbers on top of the lolly sticks.  I then got some small round stickers out and the tried to get Blue to stick the correct number of stickers under the numbers (Blue managed to get Pink to do most of this for him.)


I am really happy with the way they have ended up and I can see us using them for some number sequencing.



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7 Responses to Stick puppets and number sticks

  1. We like stick puppets! Love the number sticks. I could see you also using the number sticks like stamps. Dip them in paint and then let them stamp them in order on paper.


  2. RossMountney says:

    Some really great ideas on your blog – so generous of you to share! x


  3. What fun! I think they will be a very useful maths resource and I really like the number counters you have placed on the stick.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. These are lovely. I will definitely have a look at the website you suggest. Thanks for sharing.


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