Counting in 5’s and painting

I have a lovely book called “What your Year 1 child Needs to know”.  I like this book as it gives you some great ideas and one of these great ideas was doing hand painting  when you start your counting in 5’s.  So we did it.

I got Pink to place her entire hand in a tray of paint and then we made some hand prints on a big piece of card (we used some card from an old box)


Once Pink was finished we talked about having 5 fingers on each hand and we counted the fingers and wrote the number under each hand.


She really enjoyed this and naturally once we had finished this great activity we used our paint to make some pictures. We recently read about Claude Monet and Pink loved his paintings so she is know determined to paint using dots – I really loved the little flowers below.







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9 Responses to Counting in 5’s and painting

  1. I love, love, love this! This would be perfect for my Kindergarteners learning to count by 5’s AND painting at the same time! Love all of the art ties. Saving this idea for the fall. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’ll have to remember the hand prints for when we get round to counting in 5s. Not for a little while yet though. Your handprints are so good, ours always end up a bit messy!


  3. ofamily2014 says:

    I put the paint in an old food tray and made sure that they could place their whole hand flat in the paint so that everything was covered. I also got them to open their fingers wide above the tray before they put their hands on the card (this seemed to help a lot as it stopped the paint from getting blocked between little fingers). I was a more hands on helping them than normal as I wanted to hang the card on the wall as a reminder of the numbers. Normally our hand prints are also a lot more messy but the opening fingers wide, making sure the paint did not clog between fingers really seemed to help.


  4. frogotter says:

    The counting in fives is great! And I love the dot paintings.


  5. The hand print maths is a fabulous idea. I will be doing this soon. Thanks so much for linking up to # homeedlinkup


  6. Love the handprint maths. Will come in useful for my small boy at some point. Thanks for sharing.


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