Kids gardening and watching worms

We now have our own garden – we have had courtyards and communal gardens before but never our own garden, never our own space to grow things in.  And it is already proving to be such a great learning space.  This afternoon both kids where out in the garden helping their dad to weed and get a flower bed ready for planting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd naturally as they dug in the soil so they noticed all the earthworms (we have some huge ones) and so the questions started.  They asked why the earthworms kept going back into the ground, did not worms not like the sunshine, what did the worms eat, how do the worms move when they have no legs……………… They asked questions, we discussed their questions, they watched the worms for ages and yes they learnt about worms today.  They learnt without having to sit inside and do a worksheet.  I am not anti-worksheets we do worksheets but I know that when they learn by doing and experiencing life they really learn and it sinks in.  (Plus my bookcase is yet to arrive and our homeschooling books are still in boxes.)




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