Random learning in a house still fill of boxes

Our unpacking has been slow, my bookcase that I ordered for the homeschooling stuff is only getting here in a weeks time and both Pink and I are sick so boxes have been left unpacked……….  but as I am learning more and more that has not meant that the kids have stopped learning.

Blue found some of his puzzles which in turn encouraged Pink to build some (Pink is not as keen on puzzles as little brother but she hates to be excluded).


Both kids helped their dad build a rocking chair


And pink has been walking around with her clipboard and my measuring tape taking notes of how big our household items are (think the idea came form seeing me measuring the space where I wanted the bookcase to go). This is an activity which I hope to build on some more when I am feeling a bit better as Pink practiced her writing, her spelling and measuring all at once and she loved it.


Both kids have also been creating masterpieces with whatever bits of arty/ crafty supplies that they can lay their hands on.  I have loved these pictures, as they have really been using their imaginations, part of me wants to keep the rest of the art supplies hidden for a little while longer just to see what they will create with just their paper, crayons and a few stickers.


They have helped me bake jam biscuits and date balls.  These are two snacks which my kids will choose time and time again over store bought goodies.  (the recipes are included in earlier posts under baking with kids). And both are great sensory activities.


Oh an we have also been catching bubbles in our new garden, another great sensory activity.


So all in all trying hard not to feel to guilty about leaving the unpacked boxes lying around and curling up on my couch under a blanket while the kids build their train track and play trains.

About ofamily

Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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