Word Dominoes

Pink loves playing dominoes and we have started playing word dominoes as well.  The first time we did word dominoes I just wrote them out on some paper but with a 3 year old you loves to join in these did not last.  Since Pink has been asking to play word dominoes again and since it is such a fun way to practice reading I thought I would try and make some more durable ones for her.

The first set we did used some of the harder words from the first 100 high frequency words. The words I used are : very, your, called, house, could, asked, little, down.  Word dominoes download here.


Pink enjoyed these so much that I have now done some with some the words that I think are easy to get confused.  These include the, that, with, when, they, then, there, what.  We have not used these ones yet as Pink is still loving the first set but I thought I would include the download in case someone would like to give this set a try.

Word Dominoes with the.

If anyone has a set of words that they think would be good to use the Word Dominoes for please let me know.  Playing Word dominoes is proving to be a big winner in our house so I will be making some more sets and would love some ideas.

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