Baking Sprinkle Biscuits with the kids

As soon as Pink woke up this morning she asked if we could bake, I had not planned on baking with her today but I remembered that I had pinned this fun looking biscuit recipe that used ingredients which I normally have in my cupboard (I have a small London kitchen so we can not keep lots of lovely ingredients on standby – unfortunately)

This is a simple biscuit where you roll the mixture in sprinkles / or what you have in your cupboard.

Sprinkle biscuit Recipe here

Pink really enjoyed making these biscuits, she did the measuring and most of the mixing – I had to help a bit as we just mixed with a wooden spoon (Pink does not like me using food mixers due to the noise they make and she is battling with noise at the moment so I did not want to push it).

After we had finished making the mixture and got the sprinkles out Blue joined in with the fun.


And then into the over and yummy yummy biscuits


Blues biscuits where HUGE.  But I try and make it a point when they bake to let them have fun and not worry about the smaller details like making a perfect round biscuit.


Home made tea time treats – you can not get much better than that !!

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