Another art filled week

Both the kids are definitely going through a bit of an art phase at the moment.  Blue is drawing a lot, mostly trying to draw people while Pink is doing lots of cutting/ sticking trying to make different things.  I am not always sure what she is making, but she is having a blast and she is getting much better with her scissors and glue so I am trying to not interrupt her when she gets into this mode.

We have also done lots of painting and both kids have been having lots of fun mixing their own colours.  Pinks new favourite colour  to use is peach (which she mixes herself). She used this a lot with her Dot marker pages (see my post on Dot Markers)

The dinosaur stamps where used again, I never realized the kids would use these so much, so thanks to our friend who gave them to the kids.


We have also done a few pictures where I cut out some shapes and the kids get to create their own pictures with the shapes, they have done houses, people and gardens but I just love this rocket.


I also cut out different size flowers and then Pink had some fun sticking them from largest to smallest. this picture really turned out well the photo does not do it justice.


Pink also managed to finish the 2 mosaic cards that she has been making for her cousins in South Africa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo now it think of some new art projects for the kids for next week as I am sure this new art phase is here to stay for a while


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