Why Home Education ?

I never thought I would home school.  I always thought that once the kids went to school I would go back to work but my daughter needed me to adapt my ideas so that she could thrive and I believe if you have kids you need to do what is best for them.  So home education it is, at least for now.

The schools in our area are very good but Pink (my daughter) has sensory processing disorder and a classroom environment is very overwhelming for her.  She attended a small lovely playschool for around 18 months with moderate success but she never thrived and that is what I want for me kids.  I want them to thrive and be happy.  Pink battles with all her senses except for smell.  She finds a group of children very noisy and has been known to cover her ears and scream NO loudly or at times she will just “freeze up” and not move.  At home she gets to learn in a quiet room.  She is allowed to ask for “quiet days at home” which means we do not leave the house and she gets to unwind.  On these days she normally finishes her daily school work and a number of art projects and then will ask for more school work.

Some days we seem to get it right and other days I doubt why we are doing this but when I talk to Pink and listen to what she has to say I know that for her this is the right path.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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5 Responses to Why Home Education ?

  1. P and G says:

    We think you are doing the right thing and love to see Pink thrive….Happy Grandparents.

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  2. RossMountney says:

    Well done for following your intuition to support your daughter in the way you think is right for her. All the best with your home schooling. And thanks for visiting my blog – it was nice to find you in return!


  3. Lula B says:

    I took my son (now 9) out of school back when he was in reception. At the time I didn’t know anything about his SPD. I just knew that school wasn’t bringing out the best in him. I’m so thankful that, like you, I followed my sense of what I felt was right for my child.


  4. My eldest prompted our decision to home educate and she also had a diagnosis of SPD, is seems to have become a non-issue now thankfully. X


  5. speciallearninghouse says:

    I think homeschooling is a great option! It allows you to adapt to your children’s particular needs and have so much fun in the process!


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