Why is it okay to discriminate against home educated kids?

To say I am fuming is an understatement. I spent yesterday afternoon in an email exchange with a provider who is very blatantly discriminating against kids who are home educated. I am not accepting it and I am taking it further so for that reason I cannot mention who the provider is.

Here is the thing. We do not accept treating a child in an unequal manned based on their gender, their race or their religion. Well that is the hope. No child should be discriminated based on that. But for some reason it is okay to treat a child in an unequal and totally unfair manner because they are not attending a school and are being educated at home.

Now don’t start with all that stuff about choice (ie we choose to home educate so we should just suck it up). Because I will fight anyone on that. Firstly there are not enough schools in this country to actually accommodate all the kids, secondly there are not enough funds to properly provide for kids with addition needs and thirdly there is no way in hell who can tell me placing my child in a situation that will damage then could ever be an option. Hell no, that should never be something that is expected of any parent – to knowingly place your child in a situation that is not positive for them. No that is never an option.

I am home educating, I am working my butt of trying to provide them with a good education. So why am I being told that I am am not allowed access to all the resources that teachers are allowed access to when it comes to GCSE/IGCSE resources? And for those who do not know, I do have to pay for my child to actually write these exams whereas a parent with a child in school does not pay. Yet even though I am paying for every exam she will write I am still not given access to all the resources. How does this work, I pay for a half service? Why is it acceptable that home educated kids writing these exams are just expected to suck it up and not have equal treatment? How has this even been allowed? Why does no one see this as a form of discrimination?

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