Live Like a Hunter Gatherer

A few years ago my kids went through a massive Stone Age craze – they read everything they could find about what life would have been like all the way back then so when I saw this new book – Live Like a Hunter Gatherer I was immediately intrigued.

And it is a stunning Stone Age resource, one that I wish we had been able to get hold of years ago when we were deep in the Stone Age learning.

It really is packed with lots of facts and I love that they also debunk a few of the myths about the Stone Age. There are lots of interesting diagrams explaining the different concepts (we really enjoyed the page showing how they used very little bit of the deer) and every few pages there is a sweet fictional girl who talks about her life in the stone age (I love it when she described going fishing and the hunting party). It is written in a easy to read manner and they include some great activities which the kids could try out themselves – like building their own bow, making a fat lamp or making a few Stone Age recipes.

It covers a lot (who knew there was so much? Can’t believe we did not think of covering things like medicine when we did the Stone Age) so I thought I would show the contents page so you can exactly how much is in this little Stone Age gem.

After reading through the entire book (and learning some new interesting facts) I really did feel like the authors knowledge on this topic comes through so I had a quick read up about the author and it turns out she undertook a five-month stone age immersion experience in the US. Five moths of living without all the modern gadgets that I honestly could not survive without, no wonder there are so many useful and logical points about every day Stone Age life.

Admin – I requested a review copy of this book because I was just intrigued by it and wanted to see what it covered.

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