The Parts of a Flower

During our many walks we have started trying to identify the different flowers that we spot and just talk about plant life more. Things like how to you think those flowers came here – could it have been wind dispersal? What about these flowers design do you think make them so attractive to the bees? How do you think that plant has adapted for its environment? The aim has just been to encourage both the kids to think more about plant biology. Both of mine LOVE biology but they love learning about animal biology and not  plant biology so we have tried to use our lockdown walks as a way to encourage them to think more about plants. I was not pushing it too much because I wanted to try and just spark their interest and not force it on them.

Then this morning my son noticed that one of the tulip’s petals had flapped down and he could see the “parts of the flower” – his words. So we took the tulip out of the vase and had a closer look. And it was a really good example – you could clearly see the different parts.

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They both seemed interested so we pealed away all the petals to get a better look.

Looking at the parts of a Tulip

Then I asked if they could try and label the different parts. So we got some card and tape out and then they set about creating their own “scientific flower pages”.

They both started with taking an actual tulip and sticking that down.

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Then they both moved onto trying to do their own drawings – more of a cross-section look – because the wanted to include a bit more detail.

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I know I am biased but I think they did a good job.

Parts of a flower page created by the kids of ofamily learning together

I love activities like this because the more my kids use their hands when they are learning the more they remember – working with the actual flowers and then drawing them free hand is just more engaging. 

And yes this was totally unplanned and yes it did mean that our planned learning activity for this morning was not completed.  But I don’t mind.  I know that when they are engaged and asking questions it is the best time to just follow them, change gears and go with the topic they are interested in.  We will get to our “missed” learning activity next week.

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