Building road systems

My youngest is fascinated by Engineering.  He loves finding out how different structures have been built, the crazier the better and then he tries to recreate them.  One of his favourites has been an airport on a man-made island in the sea  – he definitely goes for the engineering projects that have had some creative flair involved.

One of the toys that has come back in favour since he started his new structural building has been the giant road puzzles (made by Orchard Toys).  I bought him his first one when he was still a very little guy and he loved them but then as often happens he seemed to outgrow them a bit. Luckily as I have mentioned before I tend to hang on to items for the very fact that you never know when the kids might be able to use them again in some activity.

Orchard Toys Giant Road Puzzle

And that is exactly what happened when he started his new engineering craze. He dug his road puzzles out and he built and built.

building with his giant road floor puzzles

Some of the earlier structures were not that successful but he learnt from his mistakes and continued.

He  used his giant road puzzles together with some old wooden block to create a multi-level transport hub.  Currently he has 4 different levels – one for cars, then buses and lorries, pedestrians and a high level train system.

Giant Road Puzzle used to build a mult-leveled transport hub

I have been so impressed with how he thought about his structures, he made sure that there were supports for each joint, that he had supports on both the inside and the outside of each road and that each support was the same height, some of the blocks were slightly shorter so he had to add thinner blocks on top to get them to the correct height.

building multi-leveled road structures using his giant road puzzle and some wooden blocks

He definitely favoured using our old wooden blocks for his building creations but he also used some wooden railways and even incorporated the use of their body scooter as a bridge.

Using his giant road floor puzzles to build creative roads

I am so glad that I kept his Road puzzles for him and that he has been able to use them to create such wonderful transport hubs.

Using the Orchard Toys Giant Road Puzzles to create interesting road networks

We have two of these Orchard Toys Giant Road Floor Puzzle, the first one I bought for my son many years ago and the second one was given to him by Orchard Toys.

We also have a Orchard Toys on The Farm Giant Jigsaw Playmat Puzzle set which I bought him.  All giant puzzles sets have been used over and over again since he was very small.

Giant Road Floor Puzzle by Orchard Toys

To see the full range of Giant Road Puzzles have a look on the Orchard Toy website – Giant Road System jigsaw

I do include Affiliate links in my posts. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

Orchard Toys Giant Road Floor Puzzle used in some road designs

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  1. another mom says:

    Very well done young man….this could be the start of many more great endeavours.


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