Desperate for Spring

I think my kids are as desperate for Spring to start as I am.  I have noticed they are talking a lot about plants and which ones they want to grow this year and they seem to be a Spring crafty mood as well.  We recently received some lovely Spring goodies from Baker Ross and my daughter immediately started working on the flower wreaths they sent (pack of 6).  And she has done flower wreath after flower wreath after flower wreath.

She really seems to enjoy colouring these flower wreaths in and I must admit they do look lovely and cheerful when they are finished and she has found somewhere to hang them.

Baker Ross colour in flower wreath

She even tried adding some coloured sand to one of them – “just for Fun”.  (We have had these bottles of coloured sand for over 6 months now and they have lasted really well considering how often my kids use them.)

Baker Ross flower wreath with some colour sand added

The flower wreaths did not get as much attention from my youngest (although his big sister did manage to convince him to do one – he choose to do his with water-colour pencils and he added some tissue paper onto the flowers).

Baker Ross colouring flower wreath with some tissue paper added

But he has been loving the Pond sticker scenes.  (He has actually asked me if I can buy some more of these sticker scenes for him to do).  He likes making up little stories to go with the pictures he creates.

Baker Ross Pond Sticker Scene

I am wondering what it is about the flower wreaths that have been such a hit with my daughter – is it that it’s a wreath or that it is the detailed colouring on a cut-out piece of card which she can then hang up as opposed to a straight forward colouring page ?  I have been searching for something similar that might be as big a hit and I found these birds – they are also cut-out on card and you can hang them afterwards.  I am hoping they will be another big hit with her.

Baker Ross Flower wreath

If you are also wanting to get into the spring crafting mood here is the range of Spring themed goodies from Baker Ross – Spring crafting

I do get sent parcels of Baker Ross goodies for the kids to use but I also buy  from the website on a regular basis.






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