See Inside Ancient Rome

I thought I would share some thoughts and photos on one of the kids favourite books about Ancient Rome.  This is a book that I bought for my kids over a year ago and they have paged through it a few times but it has really been in the past 2 weeks with their new interest in Rome that we have read to cover to cover over and over again.

Usborne See Inside Ancient Rome. A great children's book about the Romans

We are big fans of the Usborne flap books and own quite a few (if you are in the UK I have actually picked up a few of ours from local charity shops otherwise Amazon is a good source to get them).  I like the Usborne flap books because they always managed to get the kids interested and although there is not as much detail as some of the other historical books we use the kids enjoy paging through them over and over again.  Also in all the See inside books that we own there is never anything that is included that I feel is not appropriate for the kids and normally they manage to sneak a bit of humour in (which always amuses my son)

The See Inside Ancient Rome book is divided into the following (normally a double page spread for each topic)

The City of Rome – a single page which takes you back to Rome around two thousand years ago.

On the Streets – double page showing how most people lived in small apartments above the shops

Port Life – the ships coming and going at the port delivering supplies.  My son really liked that the flaps lifted to see what it would have been like inside the ships (below deck)

See Inside Ancinet Rome - double page showing how ships were used


See Inside Ancinet Roman, lift a flap and see what it was like beneath deck

At the Baths – double page showing what the public baths would have been like

How the Rich live – Inside a large house of a wealthy Roman – shows the contrast between the way the wealthy lived and the “average” person lived as shown on the “On the Streets Page”

See Inside Ancient Rome how the rich lived

In the Army – examples of what life would have been like if you were in the army.

Gruesome Games – What it would have looked like inside the Colosseum

Rome Today – Single page showing examples of ruins which still exist today and when you lift the flap you get an idea of what that ruin would have looked like in Ancient Roman times

Ancient Rome Today page in the See Inside Ancient Rome Usborne book

Usborne flap book See Inside Ancient Rome lift a flap and see what one of the ruins may have looked like

What’s what – Some examples of the people and objects that were included in the book.

I personally think this is a great book to use with a Roman Topic

Here is a link for the book – See Inside Ancient Rome (Usborne Flap Books) (Usborne See Inside)

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Usborne See Inside Ancient Rome,  Great children's book all about the Roman way of life












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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m enjoying your blog! It has many activities and books I could use and learn with my kids. 🙂 My daughter enjoys reading “Usborne’s See Inside” series too. Particularly, “Castles” and “The Ancient World”.


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