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One of my main areas of focus with my youngest is finding fun activities for him to do which work on his hands (strengthening and control).  So I thought I would put together a post with HIS favourite hand activities (ie the ones the he has really enjoyed doing and will happily to do over and over again).

TAP ART – Tap Tap Art

I bought our first Tap Art set when my daughter was around 4 years old and it is one of those activities that both kids have done over and over again.  We actually now have 2 sets in the house as it got to the stage where both kids wanted to build pictures at the same time and they enjoyed being able to do it side by side.


DOTTY STICKER ART – Insect Dotty Sticker Art for Children to Make and Display (Pack of 8)

I bought this a few months ago and my youngest has loved doing the pictures.  I was actually initially surprised by how much he enjoyed this as he has never been a sticker mad kid but he enjoys using the dots to build up the pictures.


TRICKY FINGERS GAME. – Edushape Tricky Fingers Preschool Puzzle

I recently did a whole blog post about this game.  Both my kids and I think this game is brilliant.  It is great for so many reason (manual dexterity, fine motor precision, visual perception and organizational skills) but the main thing for me is it gets both kids really working those little fingers as they move the marbles into place.  And an extra bonus my two happily set on the couch side by side while they try to match the patterns on the cards.

THERAPY PUTTY   Mobilis Rolyan Therapy Putty Medium Resistance 454 g – Green

I was initially hesitant to buy therapy putty as I reasoned play dough was good enough but my daughter’s Occupational Therapist asked me very nicely to please buy some for her and to hide marbles and beads inside.  She told me that by using the therapy putty instead of the play dough my daughter would really have to work her fingers and it would be a far superior finger strengthening exercise for her.  So I applied the same logic with my son and he has since informed me that he prefers using the therapy putty to play dough (hmm yes yes I know the kid has expensive taste, gulp)

HAMA BEADS – Sealife Fuse Bead Kits for Children to Make Iron and Display as Summer Crafts (Pack of 6)

We love Hama beads in our house.  We started with the Midi beads and now both kids use the Mini beads.  If you have never tried Hama beads it is really great way to get the kids using their fingers and there are many great pictures / patterns which you can download for the kids to copy.  You can also buy these little fusion bead sets where the kids get pictures of 6 animals to copy.  My son has really enjoyed doing this sealife set.  We now have multiple Hama sealife creatures floating around our house.

fuse-bead-sealife-setSPRAY BOTTLES

This one has been very popular over the warmer months.  My little man can just not get enough of spraying water over almost everything in our garden.  The bottle that we have used is a very cheap, simple spray bottle that we picked up somewhere (sorry can not remember where) a few years ago for a dirt cheap price but it works.


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  1. Living Life Our Way says:

    Great selection of activities- we love these too!


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