Wipe Clean books the ones we have actually used

Since my oldest was young we have had a steady supply of Write and Wipe books (or Wipe Clean books) in the house.  Some were given to us by friends and family and some have been bought by me.  And like with most things we have had some that were just not popular with the kids (or myself) and others that have been a hit.

One issue that I had with the large selection of these book which we ended up having in the house is that they come in a large variety of different writing styles (honestly I never realised how many different ways there are to form the letter f).  My daughter found this very confusing and did not like it.  For her it was very important that all the books that we use for letter formation and basic spelling words where in the exact same writing style that she was learning.  Now as she is older she is not fussed by different styles of writing but around 2 year ago it has a big issue.

So these are the books we actually used and found helpful as part of our home learning.  It is a completely personal list of books, all of which have either been bought by my husband or myself or family members.

The Wipe Clean Work Books: Tracing and Pen Control is what we used before the kids really started forming their letters and numbers.  The beginning few pages have basic lines for the kids to trace over but after you get past those it gets more interesting and it is these pages that my kids tended to do over and over again.

Wipe Clean workbook Tracing and Pen controlMy son has been using his Wipe clean abc On the Move book for a while now and he loves it.  The theme of diggers, trains and planes suits him and he will happily trace over a few pages while his big sister is busy with some of her work.  We bought our copy of this book at a small bookstore and I have never seen it since but I have found the Learn to Write Trains book and the Learn to Write Tractors and Diggers book both of the Miles Kelly Website.

Wipe Clean book abc On the MoveTricky Words (Wipe Clean Workbooks) I actually bought for my daughter around two years ago as she was really battling with her letter formation but was wanting to spell words.  She did not use it for that long but it was a good confidence building book and she quickly moved onto the learn to write the first 100 words with Writing Pen.  Her little brother is currently loving the Tricky word book.

Wipe Clean Tricky Words

The photo below is what the Learn to write the first 100 word book looks like inside.  The letters are a lot smaller than the Tricky word book above.

Learn to write the first 100 words

The one Wipe Clean maths books that we have used is the Wipe Clean: First Sums (Usborne Wipe Clean Books).  It only includes very simple sums but we have used this book to also help with number formation as the kids can trace over the dotted numbers first and then the right answer.

Wipe Clean First Sums

Wipe clean - first sum book

I keep the Write and Wipe books together with the white board marker pens in a draw so the kids can get them when they want.  They have all been very useful books especially when I was starting out on our home education journey and was not too sure where to find all the resources that we now use.

My kids still like the idea of using “magic pens” and wiping them off afterwards but now with my oldest we tend to use our Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets and I print off pages for her to do and insert them in the pockets and we have our very own custom make Write and Wipe activity.

And the great thing about the Learning Resources Write and Wipe pockets is you can also use them with play dough and we use are STABILO 3-in-1 pencils on them too.

Write and Wipe clean books we have actually used.  Helps to teach kids how to from their letters, spell basic words and tricky words and some basic sums


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2 Responses to Wipe Clean books the ones we have actually used

  1. Jennifer says:

    Really helpful guide, thank you! My daughter loves wipe clean books but we only have some very basic letter formation ones, I need to look out for some more advanced ones like the maths ones. Thank you for sharing the wipe clean pockets! I’ve not seen them before and they look really useful, although I’m thinking more for myself, for making recurring to do lists and the like for around the house!

    Liked by 1 person

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