Sand art Easter Eggs with some tissue paper for fun

Sand Art easter eggs and a few with some tissue paper added

My kids love sand art.  It is fun and it is a great tactile activity for all kids.  When my daughter first started doing sand art she was very hesitant to touch it but now she asks me if she can do it and happily uses her fingers to get the sand into the correct places.

We used this lovely set of easter egg templates from Baker Ross.

sand art easter egg templates from Baker Ross

The kids poured the coloured sand into our small plastic cups and worked on our art trays.  We have found based on lots of trial and error that this is the best way for us to do sand art.  Pouring the sand directly from the bottles is a disaster waiting to happen – at some stage a little person is just going to lift the bottle too much and it all comes swooshing out.  Also the trays work wonders as there is always excess sand which comes off the templates and then the sand is contained within the borders of the tray and the kids can easily pour it back into the plastic cups and reuse the sand again.

Sand art using a tray to help contain the sand

We have found that it is best to start with the smaller sections first and only do the background at the very end.

Sand art - tactile art activityThe easter eggs turned out really well.

Sand art easter eggsThe kids also thought it would be fun to add some tissue paper to a few of the eggs.  However with the tissue paper we found that it was best to do the sand art background first and then add the tissue paper to the smaller sections.

Sand art - when adding tissue paper do the background first

Sand art easter eggs - with some tissue paper addedBy combining the tissue paper with the sand art the kids ended up having a great tactile and finger strengthening activity all in one.

My daughter also had some fun adding the eggs to a rice tub with her yellow plastic chick eggs.

Sand art easter egg in green rice tubThe kids love the yellow plastic eggs.  We had some little craft chicks that I bought at a craft stall awhile ago (they look very similar to these ones Yellow chicks from Baker Ross) so these where also added to their “easter tub” – their words.

little chick in eggI was wanting to use the yellow plastic eggs for a maths activity but I have been informed by my kids that I am not allowed to remove the chicks from the eggs – apparently only their parents are allowed to do that – the chicks parents are apparently my kids.  Oh well maybe by next week all the chicks will be out of the eggs so I can use them.

The Easter egg templates, the coloured sand and the yellow plastic eggs were given to us by the lovely people at Baker Ross.

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2 Responses to Sand art Easter Eggs with some tissue paper for fun

  1. Camie says:

    Love these Easter eggs! The sand trays are brilliant. How cute that your kids are parenting the chicks!

    Liked by 1 person

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