Home-made envelopes

My daughter is wanting to send something special to her cousins but we have been battling to think of what she could make and then today we had a brain-wave – what if she made her very own envelopes for her letters to go inside ?

I think the cousins are going to love them !!

We started off by using our stamps and paint pad to create our very own patterns on some plain paper.  The stamps and paint pad that we used are from Baker Ross (Links here – heart stamps, flower stamps and the paint pad).

Heart and flower stamps from Baker Ross

We made about 8 different patterned pages and left them to dry

Making our own patterned paper using Stamps

Once they had dried we tried our first envelope.

Fold the piece of paper in half and draw a heart shape on it.

Making an envelope - fold your paper and draw a heart shape on it

Then you cut out your heart shape and fold both sides into the middle.

Making your own envelopes - fold the two sides so that they almost touchThen you need to fold the bottom section up and glue to the two inside fold together.

Making an envelope - fold the bottom section upTip –  before you glue the two inside pieces together – make sure the folds have lined up.  On our first attempt we did not line it up nicely (see photo below) but as we discovered it is very easy to re-fold until you get the hang of it.

Making an envelope - you need to ensure the sides match up before you glue them downOnce she was happy with the folding bits she really got going……………..

Making an envelope - our 2nd attemptAnd we ended up with a lovely selection of hand-made envelopes.  Perfect for her to use to send some little notes to her cousins in.

Home made envelopes as made on ofamilyblog

I think that personal touch is going to be much appreciated.

Home-made envelopes by ofamilyblog using heart and flower stamps

About ofamily

Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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4 Responses to Home-made envelopes

  1. another mom says:

    The cousins will love them….and they are a lovely idea to keep in stock for future use.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Camie says:

    What a wonderful idea! The packaging is just as fun as the letter inside.

    Liked by 1 person

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