Spot the word

My youngest is very eager to start reading books.  Whenever he sees me sitting with his sister listening to her read he immediately goes and fetches his BOB readers and asks if he can also do some reading.  I do love the BOB readers as they are very repetitive, great for very basic readers and they are at just the right level for him at the moment.

Bob readers

I am thrilled with his eagerness to read and I want to find fun ways of encouraging him and helping him.  We tend to do a mix of phonics and sight words so I thought I would put together a Spot the Word folder for him.  Nothing fancy, just 2 pieces of A4 card with some basic words cut out of old magazines and the advertising pamphlets we get in the mail.  I purposely stuck a number of THE words for him to spot and I tried to include lots of different fonts (my daughter really battled with reading different fonts so I am aware that for some kids this can be an issue).

Spot the word folding - using a 4 card and words cut out of old magazinesI  stuck the two pieces of A4 card together with sticky tape.

Spot the word folder - quick and easy to make at home ofamilyblogMy daughter liked this idea so she is busy making her own version.

Spot the word - bigger words

Very quick and easy to make but it turned out to be a fun way for my youngest to practice some of his basic words and I think it will be fun to add onto as he learns more words.

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  1. hicamie says:

    We have made similar word posters. Great idea and I agree that’s it’s helpful to see different fonts.


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