Trying to plan

I have been trying to do a bit of advance planning.  I have not been that succesful as the kids keep seeing what I am doing and want to do it.  Yes yes I know that is great and I am glad, but I am also trying to get a few activities planned for the days even weeks when I  feel exhausted.  I tried setting up a shelf with a few activities on it, only to find my youngest had discovered the shelf and dragged one of his chairs to it so he could climb up and examine all the goodies on the shelf.  I tried making a list of my great ideas only to discover my kids has decided my list was a great pretend shopping list for their store and well you can use your imagination as to what happen to my great ideas list.

This is my daughter  after she found some of the printouts on my shelf and thought it would be a good idea to “fix up” her one learning board (and I was worried about her not getting her counting in 3’s).

counting in 3's ice-cream on notice boardMultiplication or skip counting  poster from Twinkl

I had this idea of using some toilet rolls and stickers to practice our counting.  So one night while the kids were asleep I wrote the numbers on the toilet rolls, leaving gaps so that the kids had to use the stickers to fill in the missing gap.  I did a few for my son and some skip counting practice for my daughter.  Apparently my idea was a winner because the next day both kids sat down with the toilet rolls and the stickers (they found them on my shelf) and completed the whole set while I was busy in the kitchen.

Counting with toilet rolls and stickers

Using toilet rolls and stickers to practice skip counting

So I guess although my advance planning is not really working that well I can say with all honesty that homeschooling my two kids is creating kids who genuinely love to learn.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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