Colour Mixing Activities with kids

Since both of my kids are going through an ART CRAZE at the moment I though it would be good to do some colour mixing with them.

One of our favourite colour books is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.  I always think it is a great book to read in the Spring time as the flowers start blooming.


Pink has already learned about the colour wheel and about which primary colours make which 2nd colours but any excuse for some fun activities


We got some zip lock bags out and added different paint and mixed them – no big surprise this was a bit hit with both kids.


We also revisited our flower dying experiment from last year.  This time around we used some yellow tulips and saw what happened when we put the yellow tulips into dyed water (food colouring added to water).  This turned out really nicely, Pink really loved this, our photos are not that great but you can still see how nicely the petals changed colour.


We also have these great water colour pencils so the kids had some fun mixing colours using these.  This was one of those lightbulb moments for Pink as she finally got that when you add black to colours you “loose the colour” – in her words.  And the most basic of all is just giving the kids the primary colours when they painted and letting them create their own colours.


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