Learning with the BBC Bitesize games

This winter has been wet and the kids and I have not gotten out as much as we usually do.  So I have been trying to find some different ways for them to do their learning when we are stuck inside and I found the BBC Bitesize games

If you have never heard of this before it is worth a visit.  For those who are not in the UK let me quickly explain, KS1 = Key Stage 1 and is the British Year 1 and Year 2, KS2 = Key Stage 2 is the British year 3,4,5 and 6. (Their Reception year forms part of what they call the foundation stage).

So Pink who is 5 is currently in Year 1 (ie KS1).  We  have tried a number of the games in the Literacy, Maths and Science sections.  For most of the games she has managed the Medium stage and the Hard stage (sometimes with some help) but for the most part we have not done the Very Hard games yet as they are too difficult for her.  Blue who is 3 tries to play with and does very well with the animal hospital game under science but for the most part he just moves the mouse and presses the buttons as big sister tells him.  I have however noticed that by just moving the mouse in the phonic game he is really starting to identify the sounds.

BBC Bitesize.

It would highly recommend having a visit.

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