Number lines

We have been using number lines a lot lately so I thought I would do a quick post on it.

We started off by using the number cards which I got from the apple pack I mentioned in my odd and even number post.

I mixed up the numbers and pink have to create the number line on our lounge mat.


Once we had all the numbers out in a line I gave Pink her fairy wand and asked her to read all the Odd numbers for me and then the Even numbers, pointing out the numbers as she went.


We then grabbed whatever toys where close at hand and as I said the number she had to put the toy on the correct number, this was also a great activity for Blue to join in with.


After that we started talking about which numbers are bigger and which are smaller.  We got out our snap cubes and placed them above the 2 numbers that we where comparing.


I love our snap cubes, they are a great visual aid when dealing with numbers.

This hands on maths fun tied in nicely with some of the worksheets that we have been doing lately using number lines to add and subtract.  I found this great pack for free from


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