HP Instant Ink – the way to this home ed mum’s heart

Yes I am being serious. Switching to HP Instant Ink has made me crazy happy. I know, I know who would have thought having an instant ink scheme would mean so much to me, but for this home education mum it truly is the way to my heart.

We had been talking about switching to the HP Instant Ink scheme for a few months and then end of last year we just decided to go for it. We searched and found a suitable printer, bought the printer and signed up for our package. Super easy and the printers are not that expensive (well there is a range of printers that work with the scheme so you can choose which one suits you). But even taking the cost of buying a new printer into account I am going to save money on my ink this year. When I think of how much I was paying for my old ink refills and how often I would have to order them it was crazy.

Now I just pay my monthly sub, print my pages and my refills arrive in the post, no fuss. (And no this is not some crazy sponsored post I am truly just that happy about the fact that I can not print for less money). They offer different packages (like 100 pages for £3.49 a months or 300 pages for £7.99 a month) and you can carry some unused pages over but you do also pay for going over the limit. However it is really easy to check on your account to see how many pages you have already printed and you can always change your subscription.

So if you need to print a lot like we do and you are finding your ink refills a bit expensive have a look at this scheme, it just might tick all the boxes for you.

HP Instant Ink Scheme

HP Instant Ink

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1 Response to HP Instant Ink – the way to this home ed mum’s heart

  1. Camie says:

    Sounds economical! I’m all for saving money and time.

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