My latest Bookpeople Finds

I love books and I must admit we have built up quite a collection of gems over the years and a large portion of the books that I have bought have come from The Bookpeople. However l have not bought anything from them for a while. Then last week, I was searching for a watercolour bird book for my son and it was a fraction of the price on The Bookpeople site. So naturally I started browsing and adding a number of other books to my basket (that is the danger of the bookpeople I never just buy 1 item). And it got me thinking about how many great books they really do have. So I decided to write a post highlighting a few of our current favourites and just to clarify this is just me writing this is not an AD or a sponsored post or linked to The Bookpeople site in any way. Just me sharing some ideas.

So starting my list is the new Bird watercolour book that I bought my son. I Love the whole idea of this book because firstly it is wildlife art which my son adores but also it is guided art. What I mean by that is they have a selection of bird pictures painted in watercolours and then behind that they have printed out the outlines of these birds in a very soft grey on watercolour paper. So my son can take the outline and then try and recreate the completed bird picture, or even just take a bit of inspiration from it. But it is a starting point for him. It helps with those “what to paint moments” or “I can’t get the drawing right moments” and will allow him to just spend his time playing around with his watercolour paints. We have not used this book yet but I have a strong feeling it is going to be a good one. (After I unpacked it I actually wondered if I should have ordered two – one for each kid).

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They also have a flower version of this book but it is currently out of stock (I am waiting for my alert to tell me when it comes back in).

I also ordered this book Heroes: Incredible true stories of courageous animals– which is a stunning looking book filled with exciting stories – it is going to either be a birthday or Christmas present for my son so I have not read it properly as it is packed away but I am very happy with it and I think he is going to really enjoy it.

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I also spotted that they have a copy of the Usborne Kings and Queens book £7.99, which is a good price.  My daughter adores this book, we renewed it so many times from the Library that I ended up buying her a copy. And I must admit she has read it cover to cover but she still goes back and rereads sections when we learn about that current Monarch or period – Kings and Queens Book Review.

Usborne Kings and Queens Book

Another set which I admittedly just took a chance on because I could not find many reviews on it was the Physical and Human Geography Set.  Both of my kids have been showing more and more interest in Geography and I am going to admit it is not one of my subjects which means I have not actually bought that many books on it (bad I know!) So when I started looking at books on the Bookpeople website I started searching for a Geography book and this set grabbed my attention.  We have actually started reading a few of the books and we like them.  They are fairly short books – about 32 pages each but they cover a nice range of topics and they include lots of really good diagrams and pictures which help explain everything (I really like this).  So still early days of reading but so far we like this set and think it is going to be very useful.

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I also found some really good adult History books which are going to be presents for family members (I like this Churchill book and this British History one by Dan Snow).

Churchill Book

Like I said I always manage to find some gems on their site.

Although I did not order any of their Children’s Fiction sets this time we have ordered a few of thme in the past, here are some of our favourites – Book sets, Time hunters.

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  1. Camie says:

    You find the neatest books!


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