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I mentioned in a post about 2 months ago that I like buying the kids a new book set as a Birthday and Christmas present and that I buy the book sets from the Bookpeople.  Since that post I have had a few people email and message me to ask which book sets were big hits with the kids. So I thought I would share our favourites and also mention which ones I am thinking about buying them for this year. (This is just me writing about the books we like it is not linked to the Bookpeople).

Younger Kids.

Everyone always think Julia Donaldson and we did buy the book collection and the audio collection and both were LOVED by the kids.  But just as popular were the Percy the Park Keeper Books.  In fact when mine were starting to read they both re-read the Percy books themselves.  They are lovely stories that feature some very cute woodland animals.

Two other Book series that I bought the kids when they were younger and that were both worth every penny was the Lighthouse Keeper series (it does not look like the Bookpeople still have the series of books but they now sell them individually) and the Ark Adventure collection.  Both series were recommended in an education book that I use and both ended up being really good as both story books and readers.

Lighthouse Keeper's books by Ronda and David Armitage

Recent Books

The How to Train Your Dragon Collection.  Possibly the best book series that I have ever bought the kids.  And yes I know I have gone on and on about this set of books this year but it has just been such an amazing series.  The kids love the stories and I must admit I have enjoyed reading them too.  The descriptive language is brilliant and the way the stories have inspired both kids has been amazing – writing their own short stories, creating dragons, creating characters.  Just brilliant.

How to Train Your Dragon set of Books written by Cressida Cowell

Sets I am thinking of buying this year.

The Roald Dahl Collection.  We have recently borrowed a few Roald Dahl books from our local library and the kids loved them so much that we kept renewing them until we could no longer renew them anymore and then both kids asked repeatedly if we could not get our own home copies.  And I am really considering it, for the simple reason that his books are just such great books for kids to read and if my two are going to read and re-read books over and over again then I like them to be good quality books, books that use creative language and inspire creative writing.  And really his books do just that.

Michael Morpurgo Collection.  We love his stories and yes some are a bit sad but my daughter has really enjoyed reading a few of the books that we have borrowed from the library so I am really considering this set for her and also thinking of buying the audio books to go with

My daughter is also loving history books right now and so I am also considering something along the lines of Explore History Collection or the Brilliant Women Collection.

This year I am finding it much easier to come up with book options for my daughter and my son is proving more of a struggle.  I think it is largely because the How to Train your Dragon series has just been such a massive hit with him and I really want to find something that will inspire him again.  So I will keep searching and when I find something I will share it with you.

reading one of the How to Train Your Dragon books

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2 Responses to Book sets from the Bookpeople

  1. Lora says:

    Books make awesome gifts. As least they did for me when I was a kid.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Camie says:

    I love giving books as gifts. These are some great choices. Roald Dahl’s books are so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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