Lucky Gecko Summer Holiday Box Review

Last weekend we were given a Lucky Gecko Summer Box.  We have never done subscription type boxes before but I have heard some good feedback about the Lucky Gecko Boxes (I have hear great things about their Ornithology Box) so when they asked if we would like to do a review one of their Summer Boxes I said yes.

As soon as we unpacked the box I was impressed with the contents – the fact that it included an IQ Puzzler Pro game,  an interesting book, a Hexbug and all the other items that the kids would need to complete the challenges.  From the start this impressed me because even once the kids have finished the challenges included in the puzzle book they will still be able to use a number of the items again (I like it when kids can reuse items for other activities).

Lucky Gecko Summer Box 2018. Lots of puzzles and challenges to keep the kids thinking over the summer

Also Let me reassure all parents that they send you an answer booklet via email (Yes I know I should be able to answer all of the questions but when you are sitting with the kids and it is 31 degrees outside believe me an answer book is much-needed by this mum).  The Summer Puzzle box is aimed at kids entering year 5, 6 or 7 and I understand why they say this (my daughter would be starting Year 6 in September and my son Year 3 if they were in school).  The puzzles are a mixture of Maths, English, General knowledge and although my son could join in and he did do some of the General knowledge questions with ease the maths based ones were not things we have covered yet.

Lucky Gecko Summer Box one of the Maths puzzles included

The puzzle book contains 31 pages of questions – so 1 page a day and each page has a puzzle and then a challenge on it – both my kids really enjoyed trying the challenges included (if you have younger siblings I would suggest seeing if they can join in with the challenges as my son found he could manage most of the challenges that we tried – he does love puzzles so he was very keen to join in).

Lucky Gecko Summer Box one of the matchbox challenges included

We received our box a week ago so the kids have not tried every puzzle and every challenge yet but I wanted to write about the box for readers who are looking for something to do over the summer.  So far everything we have needed was in the box. And so far puzzles and challenges have been interesting and nothing that my daughter could not manage.

Lucky Gecko Summer Box, a tangram challenge

We have not started reading the book included in the box – Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library, but I skimmed a few pages and it looks interesting.  I also really like the fact that at the end of the puzzle booklet they include 3 other book suggestions, I always like getting book recommendations.

Now I mentioned that the box includes a IQ Puzzler Pro.  We already have an IQ Fit game and I am a huge fan of this game – it is often stashed in my bag when we go out as it is the perfect activity to keep one of the kids busy when they are waiting for their sibling to finish an activity.

Lucky Gecko Summer Box includes an IQ Puzzler Pro game

And I must admit I have read up about the IQ Puzzler Pro and actually it is on my Amazon wish list as something to buy the kids even though we have the IQ Fit – for the simple reason that it has 3 dimensional challenges.  This game is brilliant.  The game starts on the same 2 D level as the IQ Fit about after a number of examples it goes onto 3D.

Lucky Gecko Summer Box has an IQ Puzzler Pro game included which has 3D challenges

Wow – the 3D is brilliant – we have only just started trying but boy does it get both the kids and me (totally admitting) thinking.  Really LOVE this.

We have never had subscription boxes before and we have only had this one for a week but I am truly impressed.  I am impressed with what they included and how they have thought out the questions and challenges.  I am positive we will finish all of the pages over the Summer and I am looking forward to seeing what my daughter thinks of the book included.

We were sent the box in exchange for a review.  I am under no obligation to write anything positive, the only obligation I have is to be honest and express our own personal thoughts

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  1. another mom says:

    Love the review….informative and thorough….and it all seems like a load of fun….enjoy


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