Christmas Decoration Kits

As much as I love doing crafts with the kids there are times when I am thankful I have a few ready prepared craft kids sitting in my cupboard.  I find when I am feeling totally exhausted or sick having something easy to give to the kids that does not require a lot of input from me can be the difference between me getting through the day a happy mommy verses me a grumpy mummy who is stuck cleaning up a huge mess when I feel like my head might explode.

Luckily for me from time to time I get a little box of craft kits sent to us by Baker Ross.  These crafting kits normally contain everything the kids need to complete the craft and most of time leave very little mess.  The latest box contained some lovely Christmas decorations.

The kids started off making some hanging elves and hanging Santa’s for the Christmas Tree.  The kids made these by themselves without any input from me (just involves stickers).

Baker Ross christmas decoration kits

I like these bright cheerful child-made Christmas tree decorations.

Baker Ross Christmas Tree elf and Santa decoration sets

They also had a go at making some snowflake christmas tree decorations.  These involve some finger printing on the snowflakes and then some sticking of decorative jewel like stickers.  My youngest especially enjoyed making these.

Baker Ross christmas tree snowflake decorations

And yes I know I am biased being their mum and all but I do think they look cute hanging on our Christmas Tree.

Baker Ross Christmas Tree decorations hanging on the tree

We also received some lovely festive window decorations which they kids just need to colour in and then you hang up on your windows.

Baker Ross Christmas Window decorations being coloured in

We are still busy colouring all of them in but so far I think they are looking stunning (yes yes biased mum again).

Baker Ross Christmas window decorations

I love that all the Christmas decoration kits are super easy for the kids to do and require little input from me.  Apart from giving me the chance to have a quick cup of tea (you know a hot cup of tea and not one of those cups where you make it and leave it for the next 20 mins) I also think that these are great for confidence building.  The kids can follow the basic instructions and finish it without having to ask me.

The craft kits included in this post were sent to us by Baker Ross.  The full range of Baker Ross Christmas goodies can be found here – Baker Ross Christmas







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