Noticing the trees and the leaves

I love this time of the year, I love it when the leaves start changing colour and start falling to the ground and I love walking through a big pile of leaves lying on the ground.  There is something about autumn that always seems to inspire me and it seems my kids.

We had a brilliant morning at a National trust site – while the kids where running under some trees a gust of wind blew and suddenly all the yellowish leaves in the trees started falling down to the ground all around them.  I was totally mesmerized and missed the golden photo opportunity. The kids loved it, they both dances around under the falling leaves and afterwards  got them talking about trees and observing the changes and they requested to go back day after day after day.


So the next day when we went back I packed the 3 part Tree cards that I had printed for my youngest a few months ago (Twinkl platinum membership needed for these cards) in my backpack. When we stopped for a picnic the kids had a go at trying to match the cards to the trees around our picnic mat.


And the great thing about this was once the kids were trying to identify the trees my youngest forgot how tired he was and actually ended up walking for a lot longer while he searched for the different trees.  He can be very determined if he has set his mind to complete a task.

We also dug out our Spot 50 Trees book (Miles Kelly) which is now permanently in my backpack for the kids to use on our walks.  I really enjoy this series of books as my daughter finds them easy to navigate and they are allowing her more independence (she will often look up a bird by herself in the Spot 50 bird book, read about it and then just place the book back in the bookshelf).


And no big surprise the increase in our park walks and all the talking about trees naturally lead to some art.  My youngest wanted to use his 12 Paint Dabbers (he loves using them) with a colouring page (we used the Free to download tree Outline pages from Twinkl).

using-tree-colouring-pages-to-paint-some-autumn-treesHis sister also joined in with the paint dabbers. (It is  unusual for her to use the paint dabbers she tends to prefre using  paint brushes but she commented that using the paint dabbers gave a nice effect for the trees so she had a go).


And they also had a go at creating their own trees with the paint dabbers (not going to bore you with all the pictures of trees I am sure you get the idea).


Autumn in our house definately seems to be an arty season.










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1 Response to Noticing the trees and the leaves

  1. Camie says:

    Such fun! I love autumn and here I’m leaving Utah, where there are four distinct seasons and going back to Arizona where there the desert looks pretty much the same year round. I’ll have to create some fall art for my apartment there! Great trees art!


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