Christmas present writing practice

My youngest is still working on his letter formation but he hates doing lines of letter practice and he is desperate to spell words.

We have come up with an activity for him where he uses his letter formation pages to spell out his words.  He asks me how to spell a word eg dad, then I spell it out for him and he traces over the letters on his letter formation page to make the word.  He actually really likes doing this and often asks if he can do this activity while he his sister is busy with something else.

So when I spotted these Christmas present pages FREE from Twinkl with the colour words written on them I immediately thought we could use these as a combination of practicing our letter formation and his desire to spell words.  I printed them out so that they were 4 presents on a page.  That way the letters where just the right size for him, not too big and not too small.

Christmas presents with the colours written on them Free from twinkl

I also laminated our pages so that we could use them more than once.  And he was off.

He did all of the colours in one go.  I love the fact that he matched the colour of his pencils to the colour of the presents  (we use our STABILO 3-in-1 pencils on our laminated pages as they wipe off nicely, are the right size for his hands and they have a great range of colours – yes yes we love these pencils).

Christmas presents tracing over the colour words

On his second day of doing his colour words he asked if he could use one of his laminated letter formation pages with them.  He started off by choosing a card and tracing over the word on the present and then he went to his letter formation sheet and repeated his word again tracing over the letters.

Using his letter tracing sheet to spell out words

As often happens in our house when one sibling is enjoying an activity it is not long before the other also wants a go.  His sister asked if she could do something like this (but she wanted her own version with harder words) and since we have started learning how to spell the months of the year I gave her these cute Presents with the months of the year on for her to trace over (also FREE to download from Twinkl)

Writing months of the year on laminated present sheets with STABILO pencils

Twinkl have a large range of display posters most of which can be modified for the kids to trace over letters and words like we do and the graphics are always lovely.

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