Christmas Decoration Kits for the Kids

The kids want to make some Christmas decorations but you are not feeling that creative, what do you do ?  My suggestion – give yourself a break and try some Christmas decoration kits.  We recently tried a few from Baker Ross and they have been a big success with both the kids and me.  And an added bonus they are great for working on those fine motor skills and strengthening little fingers.  Win Win Win !!!

I enjoyed the fact that everything was already packed together in a little bag.  No planning needed on my behalf.  Super quick to get out when one of the kids asked for an activity.  And in all the packs we tried we never ran out of goodies in fact once we had finished the crafts there where always left over bits and bobs.

I have to admit I have not done many “sewing activities” with my daughter, I keep meaning to do teach her some basics but time aways seems to get in our way so I was thrilled that we finally got to do some basic sewing as part of the Christmas Stocking Sewing Kits.  My daughter loved it.  She sewed all three stockings in our kit

Baker Ross Christmas stocking sewing kit

and then with the help of her little brother they both did the decorating.

Christmas stocking snowman

The pack comes with everything that you need, including nice plastic needles for the kids to use and more than enough wool (we had extra wool left over).  I think these stocking have been by daughter’s favourite Christmas craft activity so far.

Christmas stockings from Baker Ross

We also tried our hand at making the Christmas Pom Pom decorations – super cute.  My daughter and I made these together and she loved it.  I definitely need to do more wool based craft activities with her in future.  I can see more Pom Pom activities over the winter months.

Baker Ross Pom Pom Christmas decorations

My personal favourite Christmas decoration craft kit has to be these Christmas Sequin Owls.  The end result is stunning but I really love the fact that it is such a brilliant hand strengthening exercise for the kids.  Belive me pushing those little plastic pins in gives their hands a really good work-out.

Baker Ross Christmas owl sequin kit great for hand strengtheningBoth kids hands got really tired so we did our owls in two sessions.  But the great thing about these is the kids really wanted to see the finished results so the next day they asked if we could complete these.

Making the owl sequin Baker Ross Christmas DecorationsAnd I Love Love these owls !!!!

Baker Ross Christmas owl finished

Baker Ross Christmas Owl Sequin decoration


With all the Baker Ross Christmas decoration kits that we tried they always include extra bits, please do not throw these away.  We collected all our bits and left them out on the kitchen table for the kids to use as they wanted (they would be great to use in Collages)

So far we have had a few footprint pictures (using the foam outline of the Owl’s feet) and

Footprint picturemy daughter has been playing around with the left over sequins from the Owl decoration kit, she made some flowers and has been trying her hand at a few patterns.

Sequin pictureWe have loved our Christmas decoration kits.  The kids had fun making the decorations, they are all going to look super cute on our Christmas tree and for me it was all so easy.  No planning needed, so gathering the goodies required and running out part way though (this has happened to me more than once).  The only extra item that we ever needed was some glue, nothing else.

Happy kids, happy mom !!


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  1. hicamie says:

    Those owls are my favorite, too. Super cute!


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