Kids Dragon making

We have been making some dragons the last few days.  Some of the results may not look 100 % like dragons but the kids had a blast and after all that is the most important thing.

My favourite dragon is this one made from cupcake cases and a pipe cleaner.  So simple yet I love the movement that the cupcake cases give the dragon.  We made holes in the center of each cupcake case

dragon making

and then threaded a pipe cleaner through, added some eyes and a very bright cheerful friendly dragon was born

dragon 1

dragon 2A child friendly way of making the holes in the cupcake cases is to place the cupcake case on some blu tack and then get the kids to put a pencil through the cupcake case into the blu tack.

pencil hole

Little man loves his wooden spools so he naturally wanted to use them to try to make his own dragon.

dragons wooden spoolsAnd you can not make dragons without making one or two egg carton dragons (we did the same thing here as with the cupcake cases, we made a hole in the center of the cut out egg cartons and threaded a pile cleaner all the way through).

dragon egg carton 1 And with some feathers added (my little girl’s new craze is to add these feathers to everything).

dragon with feathers

dragon with feathers 2

And another egg carton dragon creation but this time with some jewels added and little man did not thread the pip cleaner in this one he glued everything to the pipe cleaner instead (I personally think the threading works better but he likes this).

dragon egg carton 3dragon egg carton 4

All creations featured above are made by the kids I just helped my youngest with some of the cutting.

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3 Responses to Kids Dragon making

  1. hicamie says:

    How fun! Once we made caterpillars out of egg carton in a similar fashion. Love the cupcake dragon. 🙂


  2. love the dragon with the jewels!! Thanks for sharing with us at our share day today!

    Liked by 1 person

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