Introduction to the Stone age

We stumbled across the Julia Donaldson book Cave Baby (affiliate link) in our local library and after reading it Pink started asking about living in a cave and how did they survive without a stove and car.  And yes we are suppose to be on our summer holiday but when with both the kids so interested …………………………

So I thought I would use this as a good excuse to look at some of the premium resources on the Twinkl website and see what they had for the Stone Age.  Their stone age resources are aimed at Key Stage 2 and as such a lot of them contained more detail than what we wanted at this stage but we did find a few gems to use (If you where looking at the stone age as part of Key Stage 2 I would recommend you have a look at what they have).  I personally liked the Stone Age Topic Teaching Facts and the Introduction to the Stone Age. (I always like to read up a bit about our topics first.)   We also liked the Prehistoric Beast poster, the Time line and the Stone Age Vocabulary Mat.  These are all great visual learning aids.  My kids are visual learners.  They like reading book, having posters to refer to or diagrams to look at but they also can get very distracted if there is too much on one page.  With all the Stone Age resources that we looked at there was enough to get their attention and get them to ask questions but not too much that they get distracted.  So big thumbs up in this area.  My daughter has actually just added the Stone Age Vocabulary Mat to her “learning board” above our kitchen table so she clearly likes it.

stone age 3Stone age 2

The Stone Age poster and the Timeline are printed on a number of A4 pages and then you have to cut and stick them together.  But with both of these I found it easy enough to line them up and once they were done I thought the end result was great.  So no complaint with that.

The biggest winner with my kids where the Stone Age cone people.  We cut and glued them together 4 days ago and they have been played with for hours every day since.

stone age 4

We made a cave out of an old box and the kids have been playing in the cave with the cone people.  I also gave them some stones, bits of bark and twigs to use in their cave and we decorated the cave with our very own cave paintings – the other big winner with my daughter.

I made some very simple cave painting stencils on card,

stone age 5

cut them out and then the kids used them to paint or colour in the pictures onto the walls of their cave.

stone age 6

I must mention that at 3.5 years old Blue did battle a bit with holding the stencils still while he painted and as a result his animals where a bit smudged but Pink managed perfectly.  After using paint for a bit Pink moved onto doing the stencils with her pencil crayons.

Stone age 7

Stone age 8

And I have been informed that we now need to paint the roof of our cave.

I have scanned in the pictures that I used for the stencils.  They are just hand drawn pictures but you are welcome to use them.

Cave Paintings

And lastly a little short story done by the BBC which my kids enjoyed.  It is a young boy telling us what it was like to live in the stone age.  It is not very young but my kids enjoyed watching it.

BBC Ancient Britain


Update – since writing this post my kids have also discovered a great Usborne book which they thought was very informative –  Who Were the First People (Usborne Starting Point History) (UK readers) and for US readers –  Who Were the First People? (Usborne Starting Point History)

And they became hooked on a series – Prehistoric Park [2006] [DVD].  I have actually written about this series in subsequent posts

Introducing the Stone Age with home-made cave, cave painting, cone people and much more

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9 Responses to Introduction to the Stone age

  1. I’m hoping to use Twinkl for some of our history resources this year, so it’s good to know you founf them good.


  2. lucy76green says:

    Love the cave paintings! What a lovely idea. I tried (and failed) to interest my two in the stone age – I still struggle with them and history to be honest but I’m hoping this will come in time!


  3. frogotter says:

    Those cone people are great!
    I love reading home ed. blogs and picking up new ideas!
    Thank you.


  4. The cone people are cute, I have to admit. Thx for linking them up over at the thoughtful spot!


  5. Lorraine Kennedy says:

    Thank you for your stencils, I’ll certainly use those with my class. I have downloaded a lot of resources already from Twinkl as I’m a premium subscriber and they’re great. I’ve not seen ‘Cave baby’, so thank you for your recommendation.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the reviews and books that you found useful. I missed the stone age people and will now definitely buy them.


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