Write those reviews and help others

I buy a lot of the books and kids stuff on the internet which means I read those reviews that all the other buyers leave but I have to admit I often feel rushed and do not spend the time to leave my own reviews. Between trying to plan what homeschooling activity we should be doing to trying to remember what I need to buy who has time to write reviews ? That would be me.  Last night when I was grumbling to hubbie about wasting 25 pounds on a kids mat that lasted all of one week before it got ripped I reminded myself that maybye I should spend some time letting other potential buyers know this.  So this morning instead of catching up on my friends news on facebook and reading the latest homeschooling blogs I spent some time logged onto Amazon, JOJO’s and the bookpeople and left my 2 cents worth.

I am not sure if it will help someone else but I know that when I am trying to decide between which toy or which book to buy the kids I read those reviews and they do affect my ultimate decision.  So some quick thoughts.

Ikea rocking chair for kids – great for sensory kids – worth it !!!

Snap cubes – one of the best Maths tools that we have ever bought. We use them lots.

Little red train book series – great for train mad boys and girls.  Lovely books, we love them.

The ark adventure books – Great childrens books


Alex mosaic kit – love it.  Blue just managed to do his first mosaic picture all by himself – he was so proud keeps showing everyone his picture – so here it is.


Our super big road mat for JOJO’s – lovely huge road mat (on the first day) but after just 1 week of kids playing cars and trains it is ripped in a number of places.  Would not recommend.



I have tried to include postive and negative comments and I have included the ages of my kids in the reviews (I am always looking for the kids ages when I read other reviews) and I have only written the reviews after we have used the item for a few weeks as often the kids love it on the first day and then by the end of the week they actually have changed their mind.

So if you have bought something lately and you loved it, hated it, or just thought it was okay please let a review cos chances are at some stage I will be searching the internet to buy it and would love to know what you thought about the product.


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