Number cards 1 to 10 in English and Afrikaans

Last night just before the kids went to bed I started making some of our number cards and naturally Pink saw which meant this morning she wanted to “play” with them.


The cards are all the numbers from 1 to 10, with a visual representation of the number, the number word written in English and in Afrikaans.  Pink would be able to do these perfectly if it only had the English words but we have included the Afrikaans words so that she can practice reading them and get use to them.  She can count to 100 in Afrikaans so with a bit of time she can figure out which Afrikaans word goes with the number but it is slow going.  I was very proud that she stuck with it until she had them all so fingers crossed with a bit of practice she will speed up.

I created these cards for Pink and will share them on my 4 share account, link at bottom.  It is 3 pages that you need to print and then cut (we have laminated ours but you could just print on card and cut them out)


After doing these cards she did ask if I could make her some Afrikaans word dominoes (she saw me making her some English dominoes), so on my list for next week just not sure of what words I should use. Would love some suggestions.

number cards 1-10 Eng Afr

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