Phonic readers and some printouts

We love our Fat cat on a mat and other tales. So I thought I would try and make some worksheets that focus on the words in the stories.  I have done some for Big pig on a dig and hens pens. And so far Pink has enjoyed them. She seems to find doing word searches a fun way of learning.


Each set is just 4 pages long (I am still learning as I make these worksheets).  There is a page where the kids need to find the words on a page, think this is Pink’s favourite page.  There is a page where they need to draw a line between rhyming words,  one where they need to write a rhyming word and one where they need to look for the same word in a line.  Both sets are free to download.

Big Pig on a dig worksheet

hens pens worksheet

I also made Pink some flashcards of the more difficult words in the fat cat series.  I want to stress these flashcards do not include the simple/ smaller words as I was wanting to make something where Pink could practice the words which she gets confused with.  You can download these here

fat cat flashcards

I have enjoyed making these worksheets for Pink so I will try and do more for some of the other stories and possibly do a small set of word searches for her.

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