Kids Learning Afrikaans

From the very first day of becoming parents we have tried to raise our kids in a bilingual home.  I am from an English speaking home and my husband is from an Afrikaans speaking home so we have tried the one parent one language rule in our house.  Both our kids are excellent translators but are naturally more at ease speaking English as that is what they hear the most and our homeschooling is in English.  So to try and improve the Afrikaans a bit we have introduced some homeschooling in Afrikaans.  This has mainly been some very basic worksheets done by me (not so easy finding Afrikaans books here in the UK). We do a lot of these where Pink draws a line linking the correct Afrikaans word with the correct English word or where she has to read the Afrikaans word and then write what it says (ie the correct number or colour the block in the correct colour).



I have also started using some of the blank packs which Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs has made.  We have been working on the Dishes pack.  I printed off the blank pack, wrote the Afrikaans words on the 3 part cards and laminated and cut them out.


These blank packs are great for a 2nd language, I have already started doing the animals from the blank zoo pack for the kids.


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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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3 Responses to Kids Learning Afrikaans

  1. David says:

    Our son is also naturally bi-lingual (now tri-lingual).
    One of the things that we found really assisted his Korean to become more native (he still lacks for example a Physics vocabulary) was spending at least one month a year (continuous) in Korea from when he was born to the age of 10 – even some years attending school there etc.
    My brother, who also married a Korean, did not do this and although they also used one language per parent his kids barely speak even a word of Korean, while our son sounds like a native of Seoul. That regular immersive period is key I think, if you can manage it (easier said than done I know).


  2. Mariska Oelofse says:

    Does any one know of afrikaans schools in the UK? I have a daughter,6 and a son,4 and they only speak afrikaans. We are thinking about immigrating to the UK.


    • ofamily2014 says:

      I have never heard of one. I have heard of an Afrikaans church in London maybye if you found them someone there might know ? If you where to homeschool them you could teach them in whatever language you wanted. Sorry I could not help


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